All metal parts are treated by a special procedure to obtain an outstanding paint quality.

1. Sandblasting

The parts are first sandblasted to remove the rust and to make sure that the bedding is uneven to guarantee an optimum adhesion of the metallisation and the powder coating. The parts are being metallised immediately after the sandblasting.

 2. Metallisation:

The zinc wire, consisting of 85% zinc and 15% aluminium, is being sprayed onto the blank metal at a temperature of 1900°C. This creates a layer of at least 40 μm which covers the whole part. This zinc layer prevents the appearance of rust. In case of a scratch, the paint won't peel off thanks to the high adhesion of the zinc layer to the metal.

3. Powder coating:

The parts are then suspended and positively charged. The powder is negatively charged and sprayed onto the metal, which results in an even distribution, ensuring the powder also covers hard-to-reach areas. The coating is at least 120 μm thick. Together with the metallisation, this provides a layer thickness of at least 160 μm.

4. Baking

The parts are then baked in an oven of 215°C. This procedure ensures that we achieve a very high paint quality which is also resistant to liquid fertilisers.