The "snappy" 3‐point linkage

A new disc shape and position give the TerraDiscPro excellent ground entry which enables fast working speeds, even in difficult conditions such as very heavy or hard soil. This ensures that even the mounted versions of the TerraDiscPro achieve outstanding coverage and efficiency in stubble cultivation and mulch-seed bed preparation.

Advantages of TerraDiscPro:

  • Outstanding soil penetration in heavy or hard soils due to new positioning and form of the discs
  • High clearance thanks to the high frame and the clearances between the discs and the disc-holders
  • Intensive incorporation and mixing of organic materials, such as corn straw
  • Easily folded edge discs enable effective exploitation of the nominal working widths of 2,5 / 3,0 / 3,5 / 4,0 m for transport widths of < 3,0 / 3,5 / 4,0 m
  • Excellent handling with simple and central working depth adjustment (optionally hydraulically adjustable)
  • Extensive choice of different rollers for all operating conditions

More precise - faster - more efficient

Advanced Technology


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